Welcome to Alkottab

Alkottab started as an idea long time ago when we were students in the Faculty of Engineering, after graduation we decided to make our dreams true. We worked hard for two years and launched the company in November 2012. Since then and we are working days and nights to improve our society by developing games.

We believe in...

"We believe that games and cartoons are not only for entertainment, but also for delivering high values like changing people perception to problems and raising nation causes in the heart of the youth. We hope to deliver such values through our work and contribute in building our society"

why choose us ?

If you are looking for providing your clients with innovative marketing solutions that increase customer engagement, raise brand awareness, and build customer loyalty. We will provide you with the development capabilities that you need to deliver games, and augmented reality apps on mobile and web for your clients.

Project Based

If You are looking for Innovative solutions, If you are looking for delivering something new for your clients, and if you are looking for customer satisfaction, Contact us and we will put all of our capabilities to serve you.In this option we negotiate the case project by project. This option will be cost effective if you do not have continuous projects feed.

Dedicated Team

We dedicate a full team to you to handle all the aspects of your projects. It is like having your developing house abroad. and similar projects Take this Option if you have a sustainable work feed and need a team to handle it. The payment here is fixed per month according to the team size that you need for your projects.